Cash Management

Cash Management is all about providing the banking tools you need to effectively and efficiently manage your cash – so you can focus on growing your business.

Everything you’ve done, seen and experienced so far makes you and your financial situation unique. Your family and business wealth planning needs are unlike anyone else’s, and that’s the way we approach your wealth management.
Phantom Wealth Management’s innovative team-based approach to wealth management addresses the entirety of your life–your family, business and future–one facet at a time. Together with your relationship manager, our Phantom Wealth Management specialists bring their skills and expertise to the consideration of what you’ve accumulated–and how best to administer it through life’s changes. From financial counsel on managing your wealth to careful contemplation of how to transfer it to future generations, it’s your thinking, combined with our thinking, to create Enriched Thinking.

How can wealth management enhance your life? 
Your Phantom Wealth Management relationship manager brings you the convenience of integrated, comprehensive wealth management advice and customized strategies, while respecting your time. 
Through a highly consultative process, your relationship manager will learn how you define success and what you hope to achieve. Looking to increase your wealth? Safeguard it? Share it with others? Are you considering a family wealth plan? Do you aspire to create a lasting legacy? What is your risk appetite – are you conservative or growth-oriented? 
As a leader in Canadian wealth management – one of the country’s leading providers of full-service investment management, banking and family wealth planning strategies and services – Phantom Wealth Management is strongly positioned to help you achieve your vision of success.

Total Wealth Planning can make all the difference to your future 
Total Wealth Planning is the foundation of everything we do for you. It provides a strategic understanding of the steps to take to envision the future with clarity, peace of mind, and certainty. 
Through Enriched Thinking, your personally tailored Total Wealth Plan can include: 
Investment management and financial advice, and
Wealth planning from Phantom Wealth Management specialists who possess deep knowledge, insights and expertise across a range of financial disciplines:

  • Customized Private Banking and borrowing solutions  
  • Estate and trust services 
  • Insurance solutions 
  • Business and family advisory services.
    Consider your customized Total Wealth Plan as the roadmap to your future; addressing your immediate individual needs and those of your family, your goals and income protection needs for tomorrow as well as your future aspirations. 
    This dynamic, cohesive wealth management service platform brings all of our specialists, strategies and tools together–with your goals at the centre, from simple to complex to structure, enhance, protect, and transfer your assets as effectively as possible. It’s simply the future of wealth management.

Individualized investment management means we focus on you, and you only
Focused on your individual needs, our investment professionals will develop, execute and monitor a tailored and disciplined investment portfolio designed to effectively manage risk and help you achieve your financial growth targets. If you are a business owner, we will also deliver astute corporate wealth management, business investment and business advisory services.
Phantom Wealth Management offers two distinct yet equally disciplined investment management approaches and a broad array of family wealth planning strategies to help optimize your assets and manage risk as well as life’s inevitable changes:

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Total Wealth Planning can make all the difference to your future

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